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  • M4 High Speed Tractor

    Introduced in 1943, this comfortable vehicle utilized the suspension components of the M2 Light Tank.and were used as the Prime Mover for 155mm Howitzers (US109) and 90mm AA Guns (US100).

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  • T26E4 Super Pershing

    The "Super Pershing" was the improvised M26 used by the 3rd. Armoured Division in order to test the new longer 90mm T15E1 gun in combat on the King Tigers!.....
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  • M19 Twin 40mm Bofors AA Tank

    Although 285 of these twin 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Tanks were built before wars end, they did not see combat until the Korean War where they proved invaluable in their ground support role. Additional ammunition was normally carried in a One Ton ammunition/Cargo Trailer (see Related Products below).

    Our model has open hatches, stowage, a rotating turret and an additional pintle mounted .50cal often seen on these vehicles.

    Painted model by John Murphy.

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  • M41 "Gorilla" 155mm SPG

    Of the 250 ordered, sixty were built before WWII ended but they did not see service until the Korean War. Known as the "Gorilla" this 155mm HMC had a top speed of 30mph and carried 22 rounds. Additional ammunition was carried either in a M8 Armoured Trailer or in M39 Utility Vehicles (see Related Products below).

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  • M32B1 Recovery Tank (Early Hull)

    Based on the earlier hull type of the M4A1, this was the type of M32 Armoured Recovery Vehicles that was most widely used by the Americans in WWII, with over 1000 built between 1943 and early 1945. Both the early version, and the late M4A1 hull (see US62) were supplied to the British in small numbers. Shown above with boom fully erected and fitted with the T1E1 Mine Exploder (available as kit US67).
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  • M32B1 Recovery Tank (Late Hull)

    Based on the late hull type of the M4A1, this was widely used by the Americans in the latter stages of WWII. It was also used in small numbers by the British and Canadian armies and remained in service to see action in the Korean War. 

    This is a highly detailed model and the lifting boom can be built in the forward or stowed positions.

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  • M45/T26E2 Pershing (105mm Howitzer)

    Designed and manufactured before WWII ended, with a reduced total of 185 produced, this 105mm armed howitzer tank was built on a modified M26 Pershing Tank (US013). Built in small numbers they did not see service in WWII but did see combat in the Korean war.
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  • T1E1 "Earthworm" Mine Exploder

    Three sets of rollers, each with six heavy armoured discs, were suspended from the boom of the M32B1 Recovery Tank to produce the mine exploder variant known as the "Earthworm". Weighing 18tons, a limited number of these cumbersome contraptions were built and saw service in the ETO in 1944-45. Later the more successful T1E3 "Aunt Jemima" mine exploder became available but the "Earthworm" still continued to be used until late in the campaign finishing their service in Germany. Our model of this unusual AFV is based on the earlier, more common, hull type of the M32B1 Recovery Tank also available separately (see Related Products below.) 

    The photograph of the diorama above also used Milicast Figures and Accurate Armour Fortress '44 parts was built and painted by Steve Zaloga. This photograph, part of a 10 page article, featured on the cover of the April, 2004 issue of Military Modelling and was, we understand, the first ever small scale resin kit ever to receive this accolade.

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  • M31 Tank Recovery Vehicle

    Between October 1942 and December 1943 a total of 509 of the now almost redundant petrol M3's were converted to the M31 TRV's with a further 300 diesel types later converted as the M32B1 & B2. They were used on all fronts from late 1942 by the US Army and were also supplied in small numbers to the British and Free French. Some were also used by the Canadians in Italy. In late 1943 133 M31's were converted to the Prime Mover role for heavy artillery and were redesignated as M33. In June 2006 we simplified the construction of this kit by reducing the number of parts by moulding them in situ. The result is a more easily constructed model but still retaining all the detail you would expect from a Milicast Premier kit.

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  • Sherman Mk.II DD Tank (M4A1 Late) - Lowered Screen (Optional Parts - British/US Version)
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    Sherman Mk.II DD Tank (M4A1 Late) - Lowered Screen (Optional Parts - British/US Version)

    This model represents the later version of the 75mm M4A1Duplex Drive Tank (with the large hull hatches) with the flotation screens in the lowered position, as they were used operationally, by the Allies during the landings on D-Day.

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  • M7 Priest (Early)

    A 105mm SP was planned from early 1941 as soon as the M3 entered production and by February 1942 the M7 "Priest" was standardised with just over 200 built by the end of 1942. The vehicle mirrored the production improvements of the M4, and later vehicles had one-piece differential housings and late suspension. In late 1943 the M4A3 was used as the hull resulting in the M7B1 - note that this version has the "Deep" pulpit style but early suspension pattern. The British version is also available.

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  • M7 Priest (Mid-Production)

    With one piece differential housing and late suspension pattern...
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