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  • PaK 41 4.2 Gerlich Anti-Tank Gun

    This version of the famous Gerlich taper-bored anti-tank gun was based on the modified chassis of the PaK35/36 (G118) but with a larger, spaced-armour gun shield. This was a most effective anti-tank gun but as the ammunition was made with tungsten, and as the supplies of this material diminshed, few were still in service by mid 1943.
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  • sPzB 41 'Squeeze Bore' Feldlafette Anti-Tank Gun

    Introduced in 1944 this little infantry howitzer was a completely new design although it utilized th...
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  • 7.5cm IG37 Infantry Howitzer

    Despite the '37 nomenclature this little 75mm Infantry gun was introduced in 1944. It utilized the carriage of the now redundant Pak36 and was originally designated as 7.5cm PAK37 but this caused confusion and it was changed to IG37.
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  • 20mm Flak 30 AA Gun & SdAh51 Trailer

    The first 20mm Flak30's were supplied from 1934 with the later Flak38 (Kit G112) introduced in 1938. As a result both these two very efficient weapons saw service together throughout WW2 in every theatre.
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  • 37mm Flak 43 Gun & SdAh56 Trailer

    This was the replacement for the earlier FlaK36 (Kit G177) and had an improved design with nearly double the rate of fire. Mounted on trucks and halftracks (see G180) it was also used in a twin configuration on a special trailer (see kit G70).
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  • 50mm PaK 38 Anti-Tank Gun

    Entering service in 1940, but too late for the French capaign, this was a very well designed anti-tank gun with a baffled wall gun shield. Although the PaK40 was intended to replace it, in actuality they never did, and the PaK38 continued in service until the end of the war and saw action on all fronts.

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  • 8.8cm PaK 43/41 Anti-Tank Gun

    Known as the ""Scheunentor" (Barn Door), due to its size and awkwardness to manhandle, this was none the less, a well liked and highly effective gun and from late 1943 was deployed on all fronts.
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  • 37mm Flakzwilling Twin Anti-Aircraft Gun

    This unique model represents the twin mounted 37mm FlaK43 mounted on its twin unique trailer.
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  • 15cm Nebelwerfer 41 & Trailer

    ...This superb weapon, along with the 21cm Wurfgranate 42 (G138), was amongst the product of this research the Wermacht made great use of these weapons...
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  • 76.2cm PaK 36(r) Anti-Tank Gun

    Following the capture of the Russian M36 Anti-Tank gun in huge numbers, the Wehrmacht decided to add it to their ordnance inventory. It was used in its original form as the FK296(r) but later was redesigned and rechambered to accept the PaK40 cartridge as the Pak36(r) and saw service on all fronts including North Africa.

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  • 75mm Le IG18 Infantry Gun

    This 7.5cm infantry close support weapon was very useful little gun using a "shotgun" breech. They could be towed by most light vehicles and were often seen being towed behind the one ton Demag halftrack (SdKfz10)(see G133).
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  • 7.5cm Pak40 Anti-Tank Gun

    Entering service in late 1941, this was basically a scaled-up PaK38 but was a much superior weapon and was the best of the "standard" German anti-tank guns capable of destoying any Allied tank. They saw service on all fronts from 1941.

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