• German SPG Crew

    This Figure set consists of five figures suitable for any open hull Self Propelled Gun.

    • £8.99
    Sorry, we only have 9 of that item available
  • 20mm Flak Crew in Shirt Sleeves

    This set of 5 Figures was built specifically for our 20mm guns including our Flak30 (G55), Flak38 (G112) or Flakvierling (G186).
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 15 of that item available
  • German AFV Crew (5 Figures circa '39-'45)

    This is a set of six figures of German AFV crew in casual poses.
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 26 of that item available
  • German Field Kitchen Figures & Accessories

    This set of five figures are designed for use in a Field Kitchen diorama and comes with some useful accessories.
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 19 of that item available
  • German Field Medics & Wounded

    This set represents German Field Medics evacuating a wounded soldier. This set consists of two medics... Painted by Michael Tooth.
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 27 of that item available
  • German Flak Crew for 37mm Flak 36

    This five man set was designed for use with our Flak guns and has some 37mm clips but can be used with other caliber of weapons.
    • £8.99
    Sorry, we only have 28 of that item available
  • German Field Gun Crew with optional shells

    This set of German Gun Crew consists of six figures with shells and crates suitable for most theatres.
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 24 of that item available
  • StuG & Panzer III/IV Crew in early war berets

    These four upper torsos are of German early war AFV crew (circa '39-'41) with their distinctive large berets and are particulary suitable for Panzer I, II, III 38t's & early IV's and the early StuG's. The set has been designed in particular for the Pz. III/IV's with a Commander, Driver and two other crewmen for sitting on the outside of the turret side doors.
    • £8.99
    Sorry, we only have 18 of that item available
  • Nebelwerfer Crew in shirt sleeves (Optional Heads)

    This five figure set, some in shirt sleeves circa '42-'45 is specifically designed to accompany our Nebelwerfer kits G73 & G.138
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 32 of that item available
  • German Heavy Halftrack Crew in Greatcoats

    Nine seated German soldiers, including two Officers, wearing greatcoats, suitable for anywhere from the Eastern Front to North Africa. The figures have been sculpted in order that they "sit" just right on your Halftrack or Field Car.
    • £14.99
    Sorry, we only have 14 of that item available
  • Infantry figures in winter clothing with weapons

    This five man set of figures in winter clothing with personal weapons is suitable as Tank riders, etc.,
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 20 of that item available
  • Waffen SS Heavy Field Car Crew

    This five figure set is designed as a Waffen SS Heavy Field Car Crew or whatever you choose!
    • £10.99
    Sorry, we only have 19 of that item available
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