General Accessories with Universal applications

  • 15x 208Ltr. Oil Drum (55 US Gallons/44 British Imperial Gallon)

    This set consists of 15 x 208ltr. highly detailed Oil Drums suitable for loads or dioramas for all nationalities. First developed by the Axis, both the British and the Americans quickly adopted it.

    • £4.99
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  • Field Maintenance Equipment

    This accessory set consists of Acetylene and Oxygen Bottles, a mobile compressor and a twin bottle trolly.

    • £4.95
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  • Stretchers

    This is a set of 6 Folded Stretchers and 3 unladen stretchers suitable for any Army medical diorama or as loads on ambulances.

    • £6.99
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  • Generic Steering Wheels (4 types)(16 supplied)

    This is a handy wee set of 16x Steering Wheels in four different patterns.

    • £4.00
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  • Steel Aerial on coiled base (Set of 4)

    This is a set of four Steel Aerials on a coiled base suitable for many types of AFVs. They have some flexibility but will not easily break. With a height from the top of the coiled base of 28mm and a width of only 0.14mm they are the perfect aerial solution for 1/76-1/72 scale models. Should you wish to reduce the length of the aerial or use it with a different base, it can be easily cut with scissors.

    • £5.00
    Sorry, we only have 6 of that item available
  • Milicast 50cm Fine Steel Chain

    This very fine scale chain suitable modelling in 1/72, 1/76 and other small scales. The chain has approximately 27 links per inch, is made of stainless steel. It is shiny in appearance, but easily dulled with a coat of clear or it can be painted, as shown in the picture.

    • £4.99
    Sorry, we only have 999999 of that item available
  • Assorted Handwheels

    A set of 21 handwheels measuring 4mm, 3.5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, and 2mm. Presented as an etched brass sheet with three and four spokes.

    • £2.50
    Sorry, we only have 8 of that item available


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