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  • Crocodile Flamethrower Conversion Kit

    This armoured trailer, weighing 4.5tons and containing 400 gallons of Napalm, was connected via an articulated connector pipe to the hull of a converted Churchill MkVII...

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  • 2Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun

    Entering service in 1938, this 40mm anti-tank gun was, for its time, one of the best guns of its type available...

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  • 9kw Generator on 15cwt Trailer

    This Canadian built 9kw generator was used by both British and Canadian forces in Italy and NW Europe...

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  • 6Pdr. Mk.IV Anti-Tank Gun

    Our model is of the later long barrelled L/50 gun with Muzzle Brake which saw wide service in NW Europe.

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  • 25pdr Field Gun / 17pdr Anti-Tank Gun "Pheasant" & Ammunition Limber

    ...the newly developed 17pdr. Gun. Rushed into service in late '42 to combat the Tiger in Tunisia, that first saw action at Medenine in March '43 and proved very successful...

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  • 3.7" Anti-Aircraft Gun & Carriage

    This prolific weapon was produced from January 1938 until mid 1945 with a production rate of 228 per month...

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  • 22kw Generator on 15cwt Trailer

    This represents the larger 22kw version of the Canadian built generators that were used on all fronts.

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  • 40mm Bofors Mk.I. Carriage Mk.I

    One hundred of the famous 40mm Bofors M36 gun were bought by Britain from Sweden in 1937 and in 1938 more were procured of the improved Polish version. It was the Polish version, that following the obtaining of the production license, that was developed and used by Britain as the Mk.I.

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  • 40mm Bofors Mk.I, Carriage Mk.II

    The Mk.II changes consisted of a redesign of the carriage with detatchable axles and using a box section cruciform chassis along with tubular removable stabilizers and 9.00 x 13 Morris Commercial wheels.

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  • 40mm Bofors Mk.I, Carriage Mk.IIA/III

    It was the Polish version of the Swedish Bofors 40mm Gun that was developed and used by Britain as the Mk.I. Further development led to the simplified chassis of the Mk.II (UK154) and finally this version the Mk.IIA (Canadian built)/Mk.III (British built) which would remain in service until the 1960's.

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  • Ordnance QF 17pdr. Anti-Tank Gun

    The Ordnance Quick-Firing 17Pdr. was a 76.2mm (3 inch) anti-tank gun. It was the most effective Allied anti-tank gun of the war. Used with the APDS shot it was capable of defeating all but the thickest armour on German tanks. (Also see ACC78)

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  • QF 6Pdr. 7cwt Anti-Tank Gun Mk.II L/43

    This kit represents the earlier Mk.II version of the 6Pdr. Anti-Tank Gun with the shorter L/43 Barrel as used in Tunisia, Italy and in NW Europe.

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Products: 112 of 34