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  • Covenantor Mk.I (Early/Late Production - Optional Parts)

    The Cruiser Tank Mk. V "Covenantor" (A13 Mk. III) was inspired by the Soviet use of the Christie suspension and resulted in numerically what was a very important British tank with 1,771 being built. Although meeting all the requirements in terms of speed, low silhouette and armament, they all had 2pdr. or 3" as in the CS versions, but recurring overheating problems meant that it never realized its potential. 

    The chronic overheating problems lead to changes in air-intake louver design and in the early Mk. II the louvers were completely eliminated and replaced with an armoured cover over the air intake. Continued failure however to overcome the overheating problem lead to the return of even larger louvres, which along with other stowage changes makes the late Mk. II easily distinguishable from the earlier Mk. II. 

    Other changes (including gun mantlets, wheels, etc.), resulted in four distinct Covenantor Marks being built. Retained for defence and training in the UK, some were however sent to Egypt and could possibly have been used in combat as one well known photograph shows at least one under repair with other tanks in a forward repair area.

    The later version of the Covenantor Mk. I has an armoured mantlet. The Late model shown is of the CS version with 3" gun.

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