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  • A34 Comet

    The need to get the only available Allied gun that was capable of competing with the Tiger led to the British 17pdr. (76.2mm) gun being put, often as an expedient, onto various chassis all of which had shortcomings, the last of which was the disappointing A30 Challenger. Resultantly a fast, high powered AFV with greater anti-tank capability was required, preferably using the components of the moderately successful A27 Cromwell chassis. The result was the A34 Comet, arguably Britains finest tank of WWII. The choice of the gun was crucial. Ironically the 17pdr. was rejected as was the American 76mm gun for a new High Velocity 75mm design which was in effect a modified, slightly less powerful version of the 17pdr. which fired the same shells but had a shorter barrel and reduced muzzle velocity. To avoid confusion with other ordnance it was renamed as the Quick- Firing 77mm gun. This 33ton Cruiser, with a road speed of 29mph, arrived on the battlefields of NW Europe in September of 1944 going into combat from November in Belgium and later in Holland and Germany. The general opinion of those who served on them was that it was the most reliable and battleworthy British Cruiser of WWII. Note that the barrel has a full metal rod inserted for further rigidity.

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  • SdKfz250/7 "Neu" Halftrack with 8cm Mortar

    This model depicts the later, simplified 250 series halftrack with the addition of the 8cm Mortar.
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