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  • US M2/M3 Halftrack Stowage Kit (Set 1)

    This accessory set consists of the rear stowage racks, separate tarpaulins & bed rolls, bucket & wooden stowage box that made up the standard US Halftrack stowage. Double stowage racks supplied so also suitable for M2/M2A1Halftracks. 

    For more stowage options, please see Set 2 (see Related products below).

    • $9.52
  • 30 x US pattern Five Gallon Fuel Cans "Americans"

    This set consists of thirty of the distinct American pattern of the five gallon "JerryCan", often referred to as the "AmeriCan" or "MerriCan". 

    The original Jerrycan design was developed in 1937 for the German Armed Forces and by 1939 they had thousands stockpiled in anticipation of war. Through a German colleague, American engineer Paul Pleiss managed to get three along with detailed drawings and realized that it was superior to anything else available in the US. He supplied one to the US Military but the War Department decided instead to use 1918 ten US gallon cans with two screw closures, which required both a wrench and funnel for pouring. However the original can was sent to Camp Holabird, Maryland, where it was redesigned. The new design only retained the handles, size and general shape. The US Pattern 5 Gallon Fuel Can is noticeably smaller than the British equivalent as a US pint is 16 fluid ounces but a British pint is 20 fluid ounces. Resultantly there are 160 fluid ounces in a British Imperial gallon (4.6 litres) and only 128 fluid ounces (3.7 litres) in a US gallon. 

    Solid blocks of US pattern Five Gallon Fuel Cans for use as truck loads or diorama accessories are also available (See related Products below).

    • $6.79
  • British Early Pattern 5 Gallon Fuel Cans ("Flimsies")

    Details: This set consists of 20 British early pattern five gallon fuel cans commonly reffered to as...

    • $6.79
  • British Ammunition Cases

    This set consists of ten ammunition cases of six varying types often used as stowage boxes on AFV's....

    • $6.79
  • British "Porpoise" Ammunition Sledge

    Concern over the need to have ample ammunition of all types available on the beaches following the...
    • $12.24
  • Brass Fret of .50cal. Machine Gun Handles

    This consists of a brass fret with 10 barrel lifting handles for .50cal machine guns....
    • $4.07
  • T1E3 "Aunt Jemima" Mine Roller Conversion

    Over 70 Aunt Jemima mine rollers were fitted to Shermans, with photographic evidence confirming the ...
    • $23.13
  • M1 Bulldozer Blade kit for M4 Shermans

    This kit comprises the M1 Dozer blade and hydraulics required to convert Sherman M4, M4A1, M4A2 & M4A3 Variants.
    • $17.68
  • US Machine Guns & AFV Mounts

    This accessory set consists of 2x .30 air cooled MG's & 3x .50cal MG's with their AFV mounts, brass ...
    • $9.52
  • Fascine & Cradle suitable for Churchill AVREs

    Fascines were used to allow tanks to cross over wide ditches. This medieval method consisted of tying bundles of wood together and dropping them into the ditch. They were mounted on a wooden cradle situated at the front, usually of a Churchill, but not exclusively an AVRE. When in position, the release mechanism dropped the fascine and the Churchill would then cross the obstacle, followed by other AFVs. These vehicles were used from Normandy to the Rhine and were very successful. Our kit contains both the Fascine and Cradle, plus the release mechanism and the extra "U" clamps. Buy the AVRE, Gutted carrier and Fascine at a reduced price.

    • $20.41
  • British Infantry Weapons Set

    This set of weapons can be used to enhance British figures, vehicles or dioramas. It comprises:

    1x 3" Mortar with Tripod Base
    1x Boys Anti-Tank Gun
    1x PIAT with Rounds in Cases
    1x .50cal Air Cooled Machine Gun with  Magazine & Mount
    1x .30cal Machine Gun with  Magazine
    1x Sten Gun
    1x SLME Rifle
    1x Bren Guns with Bi-pod
    2x Vickers K Gun with Magazines
    2x Lewis Guns

    • $12.24
  • Jeep Inclement Weather Kit

    This accessory is designed to fit most 1/76th scale jeep kits. The one-piece All-Weather Tilt Cover with Doors is suitable for the early Airfix, Matchbox, Nitto & Fujimi kits, as well as our own Jeep kits. Shown in pictures on a Milicast Jeep.

    • $5.45
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