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Milicast Model Company :: Premiere Range (1/76) :: American :: Fully Tracked Armour - Tanks, SPG's, ARV's , etc., :: T26E4 "Super" Pershing

T26E4 "Super" Pershing
T26E4 "Super" Pershing 
The T26E4 "Super Pershing" was the name given to the improvised M26 used by the 3rd. Armoured Division in order to test the new longer 90mm T15E1 gun in combat on the King Tigers! The gun was so large that the recouperators were mounted on the turret roof and a large counter weight added to the rear of the turret. The vehicle was also unique in having additional armour protection added by cutting plates from a Panther and adding them to the front glacis and to the turret.
This unusual tank was only recorded to have been in action twice. The first action took place between Weser and Nordheim where it destroyed an unidentified armored target. The second action apparently took place in Dessau, on April 21,1945. During the 3rd Armored Divisions advance, the Super Pershing was engaged by what was widely reported to be a King Tiger. Having fired one shell at the American tank, which ricocheted off, the T26E4 returned fire, penetrating the lower plate of the Panzer, causing the ammunition to explode and the turret to fly off.
This story was testified to by Gunner Cpl. J. Erwin but the nearest known Tiger II's of the SS 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion were believed to be located 70 miles from Dessau. Many German tanks were often mistakenly named Tigers, particularly by the Americans, so it may have been a Panzer IV as some reports stated.
This is unique model for the collector who wants something that participated in WWII combat but is that wee bit different!

Ref US013S
Weight 10.20 kg
Price: £30.99


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