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Milicast Model Company :: Premiere Range (1/76) :: American :: Fully Tracked Armour - Tanks, SPG's, ARV's , etc., :: M33 Prime Mover

M33 Prime Mover
M33 Prime Mover 
The M33 Prime Mover was first used in Italy to tow the M1 240mm Howitzer (see US141, US142 & US143) with some also seeing service in NW Europe before being replaced by the M6 High Speed Tractor (US140). They were converted from M31 Recovery Tank (US80) which in turn had been based on the M3 Lee.
Between August 1940 and December 1942, the USA produced 6258 M3 types. Of these 600 were supplied to the British with most fitted with the radically redisgned turrets and became the Grant (see BB54). Some Lee's were also supplied to the British in North Africa (see BB55) and with the first delivery of 200 prior to the Battle of Gazala, helped change the course of the war in the Desert.
Although regarded as outdated by 1943 for use against the Germans, they were still adequate for the war with Japan and as such were used by the British and Australians in Burma, etc., In American service they saw action in Tunisia and also in the Pacific campaign. They were also used for specialized roles such as the M31 ARV (see US80)(and the British version UK67) and the M31 Prime Mover.
A number of M3's were also supplied to the Soviets from early 1942 and saw extensive action during that year. At Kursk, in the summer of 1943, the 48th Army still had 85 on the Central Front with Russian records showing at least one still in service on the Baikal Front in August 1945 against the Japanese.

Ref US042
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Detailed images

The Figures shown are from set FIG63
The Figures shown are from set FIG63

Shown with US141 the 240mm Barrel on Transport Wagon M2A1
Shown with US141 the 240mm Barrel on Transport Wagon M2A1


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