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1. Ford F30 30cwt LRDG 4x2 Truck with 3A1 Steel Body
2. SAS Jeep (N. Africa)
3. Fordson WOT3D 4X2 GS Truck

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Milicast Model Company :: Premiere Range (1/76) :: British & Commonwealth :: Softskins :: Chevrolet WB 30cwt LRDG Truck w/37mm Bofors

Chevrolet WB 30cwt LRDG Truck w/37mm Bofors
Chevrolet WB 30cwt LRDG Truck w/37mm Bofors 
Along with the iconic 30cwt Chevrolet 1533X2's and the the Ford F30 4x4 30cwt's that made up the main body of patrol trucks, the earlier Chevrolet 30cwt WB type was a mainstay of the LRDG and some early vehicles had the 37mm Bofors ATG mounted for additional protection.Although initially dismissed by GHQ, Maj. Baghold's paper of November 1939 proposing a long range recon. force operating deep inside Libya, when it came to the attention of General Wavell, who had started planning for war in the Middle East theatre in early 1939, it was given the green light. And although LRDG operations were delayed until the 26th of December 1940, six months after Italy's invasion of Egypt, due to further GHQ reticence, the LRDG would in fact operate, behind or on the enemy's flank, for all but 15 days until 10th. April 1943.
Men from British, Australian, New Zealand and other Commonwealth forces made up the ranks with the Guards and RTR along with the New Zealanders being the backbone.
Along with the iconic 30cwt Chevrolets, the Ford F30 4x4 30cwt made up the main body of patrol trucks, with 70 being purchased in March 1941. Although withdrawn in March 1942 with the arrival of 200 of the 4x2 30cwt Cheve's, major losses in September of 1942 lead to the re-issue of the Fords, remaining in service until near the end of the Tunisian campaign in April 1943. Mainly armed with a an array of Machine Guns some vehicles had the Bofors ATG for additional capability. The Italian Breda 20 mm Modello 35 Breda AA/ATG gun was an improvement over the heavier, slower firing 3.7cm Bofors ATG originally carried by LRDG patrols. This automatic cannon was very effective. The 20mm round although much smaller than the Bofors was still capable of defeating Italian armour and many lighter German AFV's. Regarded as good as any contemporary gun of it's kind, it was used against both air and ground targets with great effect.
The model comes with optional weapons and stowage.

Ref UK349
Price: £27.99


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