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Milicast Model Company :: Decals (1/76-1/72) :: Aleran Waterslide Decals :: BEF 1940 Corps & GHQ Markings

BEF 1940 Corps & GHQ Markings
BEF 1940 Corps & GHQ Markings 
This sheet provides markings for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Corps of the BEF in France 1940. Also included are a variety of Arm of Service markings for Corps, GHQ,and Lines of Communication units. Information for these markings comes primarily from Andrew Foulkes' excellent book, titled: Vehicle Markings of the BEF."

Aleran Decals are amongst the very best water slide decals available. Each set has on average enough to complete upto ten vehicles which works out at less than 50p a model. Milicast are the sole European Distributors of this highly recommended product.

If only buying decals then only add 15% (Minimum 3.00), or if cheaper to you use the usual Milicast Shipping Rates shown on the on-line generated invoice.
Please note that if you are using a Credit/Debit card to pay, then Milicast will amend the Shipping cost to the 15% or 3.00 total. But if paying by PayPal then the you need only send the recalculated total, amended to reflect the correct shipping rate, and not the amount shown on the on-line generated invoice.

Decals sre best applied onto a glossy surface. Either to gloss paint surface or by spraying a clear gloss coat prior to applying decals.
Carefully cut the required decal, cutting as close to to the image as possible, then dip into tap water for 10-20 seconds. (Warm/tepid water is best for disolving the glue but care must be taken for if they slip from the paper and sink, they sually "foldup" and are almost impossible to use therafter).
Using tweezers, remove the decal and lay on a clean work surface for a further 15-30 seconds. Slide the decal off the backing paper onto the model and when correctly positioned, gently blot away the excess water.
Allow the decal to fully dry out before applying any finishing coats to seal the decal. Please note that Humbrol Matt Varnish should only be applied by airbush. Any other mothod will result in the decal dissolving!
Decal setting solutions such as Solvaset are good for softening the decal in order to allow it to conform to most surface features such as rivets, scribe lines, etc., Once the solution has been applied do not touch until it dries, even if appears to have wrinkled as you may tear the decal. As it dries, it will smooth out .

Ref UK13-D
Weight 0.20 lbs
Price: £7.95


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