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Milicast Model Company :: Premiere Range (1/76) :: British & Commonwealth :: Carriers & Halftracks :: Conger Mk.I Mine Clearing Device

Conger Mk.I Mine Clearing Device
Conger Mk.I Mine Clearing Device 
This was another attempt to find a way of circumventing the mine menace. Developed in early 1944 to create a narrow lane through the mine fields, this device consisted of a gutted Universal Carrier containing a tank of nitro-glycerine and a 5" rocket projector connected to a 330' long canvas "fire brigade" type hose through which the nitro was pumped after being fired through the mine field and then exploded.Towed by a Churchill AVRE (see BB079 or BB080), the carrier was then recoupled and towed away by the AVRE and then detonated from the safety of the AVRE.
Developed by civilian engineer Duncan Canney and REME Maj. Jackson it was ready for use following the Normandy Invasion and although later used operationally in France at Cap Gris Nez by 79th Armd. Div. it eventually proved to be too dangerous when following a distasterous accident on the 20th. of October 1944 at a farm near the town of Ijzendijke in the Netherlands, when preparations were being made for loading liquid nitro-glycerine into Conger carriers. Two lorry loads (6 tons) blew up when it was being off loaded in jerrycans, prior to loading in the carriers causing the deaths of forty-one British and Canadian soldiers and causing injury to another fifty-one. The soldiers belonged to the 204th Armoured Assault Squadron, Royal Engineers and the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps of the 7th Infantry Brigade. The two trucks completely disappeared and four nearby AVRE's were destroyed. Resultantly Conger was abandoned. however the idea was sound and Duncan Canney and Maj. Jackson continued to work on the project which post war delivered a stable system which is the basis of the similar devices still used by today's Armed Forces.

Ref UK207
Price: £14.99


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