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Milicast Models Ltd

Regularly updated... Check daily for updates and additions!

Tel. +44 (0)141 633 1400 or e-mail



We note that on occassion some customers are experiencing diificulties when placing orders

on-line, with a recurring error

stating "no postal location

available" or similar.

  If you have difficulty placing an order on-line then please contact

us directly, either via e-mail ( or by

telephone +44 (0)141 633 1400

and we will reply by return.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.






Don't forget to check out our monthly SALE section where selected kits, figures, accessories and other related items including the occaisonal reference book, etc., will be available at reduced prices on a monthly basis.


As regular visitors to this site will be aware I have previously indicated that it was my intention to retire at some future date and that I intended to wind down a wee bit .

To that end we now only open on Saturdays until 1pm and through the week until 4pm.

As of October 1st., Milicast bacame a Limited Company with my role changed to a consultant to the new company.

In practical terms it means that for now I will still be here most days and the day to day business will continue as before with our emphasis, as always, being to provide the very best service possible to the modelling and wargaming community.


Latest News  01.01.2018

Happy New Year!

Apologies to any of our customers who have been impacted by a technical problem with our website over the last few days.

The problem with check-out is now resolved, but we are unable receive e-mail at our usual hotmail address. If you have sent an

e-mail to the hotmail address( and not received a reply, please contact us at


Recently we released a new set of British figures: FIG112. This set consists of nine different figures with optional

heads and equipment acting as F00/MFC with radio sets. In reponse to customer requests we have also made

available this set in smaller units of one or two figures only. See sets FIG113, 114, etc.,

Our very latest AFV release is the Centurion Barv available now as kit UK317.

Above and right is our Centurion BARV now available as UK317.



In response to requests to facilitate customers wishing to buy products from our ranges as gifts for Christmas,

Birthdays, etc., we made available MILICAST GIFT VOUCHERS.

Now your Wife, Mom, Girlfriend, etc., can simply buy a voucher and you can choose the kits you want...on-line,

at our shop or at one of the many Model and Wargamer Shows we attend throughout the UK.



In addition to new product releases, we also strive to maintain a good level of availability for all the other

products in our catalogue.

However no manufacturer of any product can maintain 100% availability, it's just not practical. Resultantly

some products will have a message reading that this kit is: " Out of stock or transfered to Battlefield Series ".
This does not mean that they are withdrawn on a permanent basis. Over time they are refurbished, remoulded

and returned to stock, sometimes as Battlefield kits. When the product is available again, or transferred

to Battlefield Series, we will post this information here on the "Recent News" page first and also update

the appropriate pages.



















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