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Milicast Models Ltd

Regularly updated... Check daily for updates and additions!

Tel. +44 (0)141 633 1400 or e-mail


On occasion some customers are experiencing difficulties when placing orders on-line, with a recurring error stating  "no postal location available" or similar. If you have problems placing an order on the website then please contact us directly, either via e-mail ( or by telephone +44 (0)141 633 1400 and we will reply with advice.

Our apologies for this inconvenience.


Don't forget to check out our monthly SALE section where selected kits, figures, accessories and other related items including the occasional reference book, etc., will be available at reduced prices on a monthly basis.


Office Opening Hours (by appointment only)

 Mon-Fri: 10am - 4pm

Saturday: 10am - 1pm

Sunday: Closed   

Please call or e-mail us if you are planning to visit. Tom is only in the office for a few hours, three days a week, so please contact us before setting out.

We remain unable to receive e-mail at our previous hotmail address. ( Please discontinue using this address and instead contact us at phone 0141 633 1400

Update 16th. January 2019 

Our next "shows" will be at Vapnartak at York Race Course on  Sunday the 3rd. of February and later that month at OnTrack in Folkstone on Saturday 23rd.

We are currently preparing a number of new releases for 2019. These will include the Centurion Mk.10, M2 Thew Lorain Crane (for the M1 240mm Howitzer),  a series Bedford RL's and the Thunderbird Missile. We are also releasing new upgraded kits of many vehicles that we have previously had in our ranges. This will see some subjects move from the Battlefield to the Premiere Range and vice-versa.


The following figure sets are now back in stock:


FIG006                  American AFV Crew (7 Upper torsos & heads)

FIG008                  German AFV Crew (5 Figures circa '39-'45)

FIG013                  German Field Gun Crew with optional shells

FIG022                  Soviet AFV Crew (Winter Clothing)

FIG052                  Soviet Tank Riders

FIG072                  SAS Figures for SAS N. African Jeep

FIG201DTM          British Soldiers circa 1944-45 in casual poses (Set 1)

FIG221DTM          British Carrier Infantry

FIG234DTM          British MEF AFV Crewmen (Set 2)


Plus, three sets not previously available from Milicast:


FIG220DTM          Police & ARP Wardens

FIG226DTM          Stormtroopers

FIG241DTM          MEF Bofors Gun Crew





Recent Releases


This is the M1 240mm Howitzer in the firing position which is a combination of the gun parts from kits US141 & US142 plus an open breech, 240mm Shell, Charge and Rammer.

Shown on the right is the Howitzer in the firing position with a horizontal trench dug to accomodate the four unique earthspades. This was dug using a clamshell on an accompanying M2 Truck, available next year.

Right hand top is kit UK359: White 1064 10ton Cargo Truck

Right hand bottom is kit US140: M6 38ton High Speed Tractor.

Above is kit US141: M2A1 Transport Wagon for M1 240mm Gun Barrel and below is both shown together.

The bottom illustration is of the M3A1 Transport Wagon carrying the Trails & Carriage for the 240mm Howitzer; kit US142.


Available now is the DUKW as kit US144

Above is kit UK357: Thorneycroft Nubian

0UK100: Albion FT11

UK358: Rolls Royce 1924 Pattern

UK356: Mack NM5-6

BAR88T: Tiger I Brass turned Barrel

UK353: 150cm Searchlight

Thorneycroft Z5/TC4 Search Light Truck

UK354: 90cm Searchlight


To the right is the tow truck for the 150cm Searchlight Trailer, the Thorneycroft Sturdy ZS/TC4 which was also used to carry the 90cm unit above. Available as kit UK352.


UK351: Centurion AVRE 165

UK351F: Centurion AVRE 165 This is the full kit plus the Facine. The Facine is also available separately as ACC46.

UK355: Australian Centurion Mk.5/1 as used in Vietnam.

US63: M45 105mm Pershing as used in Korean war.

Shown below are a couple of our new Figure sets recently released. Above is Set FIG118 and below set FIG119

Released in February 2018: Centurion ARV Mk.2.

Available now as kit UK318.

Amongst our latest releases is a completely new master of the T26E3 Pershing (M26) as kit US13. In addition we have remastered both the WWII T26E4 "Super Pershing" (kit US13S) (below left) and the Korean War 105mm armed M45 (T26E2) as kit US63.

Our GMC and Studebaker series is being refurbished and re-released.


Amongst our latest AFV releases is the Centurion FV4005 183mm SP available as kit UK316.



Also available again is our re-mastered M20 Utility Car (US10)

to compliment our M8 Greyhound kit (US09) also re-mastered last year.


Just released is several new sets of German figures. More information on these will be posted soon. See sets FIG 118 onwards.  Also recently released is a new set of British figures: FIG112. This set consists of nine differentfigures with optional heads and equipment acting as F00/MFC with radio sets. In reponse to customer requests we have also made available this set in smaller units of one or two figures only. See sets FIG113, 114, etc.,

Our last AFV release in 2017 was the Centurion Barv available now as kit UK317.

Above and right is our Centurion BARV now available as UK317.


MILICAST GIFT VOUCHERSIn response to requests to facilitate customers wishing to buy products from our ranges as gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, etc., we made available MILICAST GIFT VOUCHERS. Now your Wife, Mom, Girlfriend, etc., can simply buy a voucher and you can choose the kits you want...on-line, at our shop or at one of the many Model and Wargamer Shows we attend throughout the UK.

RE-RELEASES STATEMENT. In addition to new product releases, we also strive to maintain a good level of availability for all the other products in our catalogue. However no manufacturer of any product can maintain 100% availability, it's just not practical. Resultantly some products will have a message reading that this kit is: " Out of stock or transfered to Battlefield Series ".
This does not mean that they are withdrawn on a permanent basis. Over time they are refurbished, remoulded
and returned to stock, sometimes as Battlefield kits. When the product is available again, or transferred to Battlefield Series, we will post this information here on the "Recent News" page first and also update the appropriate pages.



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